Private Financing

Are you having problems securing a mortgage to purchase a home, build a home, refinance or even pull equity from your existing home? You are not alone. There are many different reasons why borrowers may fall outside of the borrowing guidelines of institutional lenders.

You may have less than perfect credit, reduced income, not meet the minimum affordability ratios or have experienced a life event that has impacted your current financial situation. A Private Mortgage may be the temporary solution for you.

Private Financing can enable you to begin achieving your financial goals and offers flexibility with first, second and possibly third mortgages so your home equity can be used while not altering your first mortgage structure and the interest rate you currently have.

Verifive Mortgage Associates have numerous private lenders and investors available to them to help find mortgage options to achieve your financing strategies and goals.

*Private Financing may involve additional fees and expenses that are disclosed prior to funding.