The Broker Advantage

There are a lot of great reasons to work with a mortgage associate when you’re buying, refinancing, renewing or wanting to pull equity from a home. To help understand just how valuable a mortgage associate can be, here are five reasons to use a mortgage associate:


  • Experience working with lenders
  • An understanding of the benefits of different mortgage options
  • Familiarity with the mortgage solutions available

Mortgage Champion

  • Working for your best interests and not those of the lenders
  • Negotiating with the lender
  • Managing obstacles
  • Processing paperwork
  • Sorting out the details

Personalized Service

  • Walking you through the application process
  • Reviewing your options
  • Answering your questions

Solutions That Fit

  • Understands your financial needs and long-term plan
  • Helps you decide which solution is best for you
  • Cautions against unnecessary risk

Time Savings

  • Researching mortgage options
  • Evaluating financing and lender options
  • Processing your application
  • Handling documentation requirements
  • Negotiating with lenders

Your mortgage associate’s success is dependent on your satisfaction and that can help you save money and time — lots of it!